The day off (days) advice needed

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imageI called off all therapy since Friday… Thomas had no melt downs today we went to the stores( he loves to go to his favorite stores) and we just hung out watched movies, tickled and sneezed( his allergies are terrible).

I wish I didn’t have to have therapy, I know the therapy will help! But I have 3 teachers in the house 5 days a week. It sucks out the quality time, especially since I am expecting my next child in 6 weeks….

I feel very irresponsible when I don’t have the therapy for him, but I feel like the therapy takes away from him being a kid and me being a mom. I sit with him on my lap and try to watch his face for 4 hours a day… To see if he is trying to move his mouth to get words out. I’m his sensory seat. I look forward to starting the Occupational therapy, as I’m sure it will help his sensory issues that are beginning to take over him. He twists and turns all over the house. Jumps and bumps into everything.

They have suggested  sending him to a program, but he is 2 years old  I’m not ready for that. We just moved so all progress we were making seemed to fade and sensory issues have began to emerge. I don’t know what the future holds for my child, some parents don’t put there children in pre school but they know that child will go to kindergarten and so on. If I am holding him back am I literally stopping his progress? If you know one person with autism you know one person with autism… But right now I could use the advice of anyone with ASD or experience with this.

Errands with Thomas…

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Great article to read


I take Thomas out everyday. It’s usually the same stores, but he gets to know everyone and I explain why they see us so much, Thomas has autism and he needs to be out at stores and in the world. I have found the stores that compliment him the most, but we do go to others… This last weekend we went to have breakfast with Thomas’ father. We went to Stella blues cafe, I always share an egg omelette with him, turkey bacon and then he gets a side of fruit. I decided to order something else, didn’t realize it was not omelette style and Thomas had a really hard time. I felt really bad mostly bc I should had just ordered what we always get so he can experience success. We ate breakfast fast and left. I made Thomas eggs at home right away he ate and then was home and safe. On Tuesday I took him back to Stella’s , ordered the egg omelette and turkey bacon etc. he grab 4 bottle caps from the checker board and sat nicely with me and his little car. He babbled at me, ate , had two grapes and said all done when he was finished with his food!!!! He also signed all done again when I asked him. I quickly cleaned up our trays un buckled him from his seat. My son then walked over to where the bottle caps are stored and put them back!!!! He asked nicely for a lollipop… He said and signed give me( and pointed to the lollipops. So at 9 am he got it!!! Basically if you follow your child’s routine and make them comfortable, you can keep expanding on there experiences. Bc something  doesn’t work once try it again on a less busy day, bring reinforcers or just follow their lead. I was complimented on his behavior that day, ” wow he sits so good what a good boy.”I smiled and said thank you. I didn’t want to get into the ASD that day, bc he does hear me talk about him and I wanted him to take in the praise. Be patient with your children family members and yourself if you are struggling. Life is not easy. I now want to get Thomas socializing more with other children… He gets overwhelmed easily so I have not found the right balance yet… This article is what I strive for please read this link ✌🏻️

What Autism feels like for some on the spectrum.

Autism, autism awareness, sensory processing disorder, special needs, special needs parents

How it can feel to be in the higher end of the autism spectrum click here 🙂

I thought this clip was very informative. For someone who is in sync with their body they take for granted there 5 senses. My son Thomas is always crashing into things, throwing his body into walls, doors refrigerators, jumping off the couch,hiding in pillows, pulling on his clothes, only wears certain clothes, covers his ears when it’s too loud for him and the list goes on… This is because Thomas is sensory seeking and trying to avoid sensations. Please watch the video and try to understand uncomfortable someone might be in this situation! Thank you and happy awareness

Beginning journey, delays and More…


imageHi I’m posting a few websites that guided me into the world of autism. Without these web pages, I’d still be sitting here waiting for Thomas to talk(so far he is non verbal but uses sign and words here and There) ask any Questions

Top 8 therapies for ASD

Top 8!

ADHD vs ASDSome evaluators may say it looks like ADHD! Read

Screen your child now!ASD screen

Autism Myths and “facts” Myths and facts from an autism parent

to be continued …

For My Son Thomas


Hi! I am a mom of a 2 year old with Autism. My son was

Me and Thomas Aquarium

Me and Thomas Aquarium

diagnosed in May 2015 on the autism spectrum. Autism spectrum disorder now has levels. Thomas was diagnosed with level 2 mild to moderate. I’m am going to post information,experiences, websites and videos that helped me to follow my gut. The purpose of this blog is to help raise awareness for parents, people with ASD and everyone !!!  I would not be here today with out the advice I received from other parents of children on the spectrum, doctors, therapists and the Internet!!!! I’m not a professional I am a mom that followed her gut. Please give me feed back and ask questions. Children on the spectrum deserve the services they’re entitled to and the respect for being so brave. I’m here to help,never to offend.

Lots of luck!

Dana – Autism Mom